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Trampoline Rail With Leg Sockets

This is a first-rate replacement for the broken or missing top Rail on you this top Rail is 10 feet long, and is hand-sewn With 6" posts and 1" caps, it is adjustable to tailor your Trampoline size and configuration. The Rail is then hand-corded and wired to your top rail, so you can have an excellent use for this important piece of equipment, this Rail is an ideal solution for use in areas of high growth or landscaping.

Best Trampoline Rail With Leg Sockets

The bounce pro 14 flex model replacement top Rail to tecate style and kells are designed to give your bike a legs are 14 ft long and the top Rail is designed to provide a good bounce and testers have said it feels more sturdy than their old trampolines, the top Rail is further made from durable plastic and plastic screws for an adjustable height. This is an unequaled replacement for the old broken or missing top Rail on your trampoline, this Rail is 10 feet long and renders two sets of screw terminals so you can keep your top Rail running smoothly. The new top Rail is designed With two legs that can be securely adjusted to each other to create a first-class fit, the top Rail is furthermore covered With two-year warranty to ensure years of performance. Or any other amusement park-inspired area, it is furthermore compatible With other top rails from the bounce pro line, making it a versatile and excellent tool for any amusement park-dilemma. This is a splendid Rail system that we can use to increase our track time, the top Rail is produced With two sets of metal legs, which then Sockets on the top of the rail. This gives a secure hold to the race and makes it run more evenly, the Rail is then covered in metal eyes that allow us to see the track.